DUI Process


DUI process can be bureaucratic, cumbersome, time-consuming and confusing to people who don’t understand its inner processes and workings. Due to this you should seek consultation with our seasoned DUI lawyer.


you are found to be driving under the influence, the cop can arrest you right away.


In case you refused the testing or you submitted to breathe test, you have seven days only from the arrest date to request Express Consent Hearing. You must do it immediately. This hearing must be set within just 60 days originally of your request for Express Consent hearing.


The cop should issue a “ticket or citation” that clearly states the location, date and time of mandatory court appearance. The date is called arraignment date.

Helping Those Charged With A DUI

Some feelings are worst then seeing those simply flashing red and blue lights in the rear mirror. If you’ve been charged or arrested with a DUI, your entire world seems to be changed, threatening your abilities to do your job and fulfill your family’s needs. Our DUI lawyers know how hard this time can be for you.
So, we ensure to help our clients throughout this process. We have assisted thousands of people to continue their driving, even when they thought that no hope is there. Let’s find a way for you in this challenging time.


Pre-trial conference is scheduled court appearance where we’ll go to the court and then meet with district lawyer to discuss your case facts, negotiate plea offers and discovery needs.


Motions are legal arguments that are made to judge. It’s where the defense lawyer and district lawyer argue case laws and a range of different dismissal or suppression motions.


Jury trial is the stage where a case is presented before a jury and they make determination of guilt.


All cases don’t end up in complete dismissal and will be needed to go to a sentencing stage. Your punishment will be assigned in this stage.

Our Founding Principles

Our law firm was established on the main principles of integrity, commitment to excellence and dedication to meet our client’s requirements.
Since then, we have earned an excellent reputation for getting positive results.

Dedicated And Aggressive

Getting pulled and arrested for a DUI can be a very frustrating situation. As a result, you may lose your license, resulting in huge adjustment in your travel plans, and jeopardizing your abilities to fulfill family and work duties. But hope is still there. Our lawyers have been helping people in such a situation for years. So, we can help you too. Call us.

24/7 Availability

If you’re charged with a DUI, getting started on defense immediately is important to enhance your outcome. We are available 24/7 to ensure that you get the best possible legal help when it is needed. With years of experience, our lawyers know the strategies that work for our client’s benefits. You have nothing to lose when you call us.