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If you are accused of or charged with a crime, it might feel as if your world has turned upside down. You might feel scared or anxious and you think that you might lose all that you have -your work, liberty and reputation.

The consequences of convictions can be life-changing. Other than imprisonment, probation or fines, having a DUI on record can seriously impact your abilities to keep or get employment, get quality housing or access education.

Hiring An Experienced Lawyer

Many DUI cases may be either prosecuted at the federal or state level, so it’s vital to have a lawyer who has noteworthy experience of defending cases in the federal courts. We can help you with every step of the procedure.


If you require a DUI lawyer in Los Angeles, we can assist. Drunk driving or driving under influence is a severe offense in Los Angeles. The DUI cases might be challenging and must be handled by experienced Dui Lawyers Los Angeles CA. Each attorney in our team has the experience and knowledge needed to fight your DUI case.

Under Los Angeles Law, DUIs usually are charged as misdemeanors. But, the penalties of getting convicted of DUI tend to be long lasting and severe, and will also impact your professional, social and personal life. That’s why you should have an experienced Los Angeles Dui Attorneys defending your legal rights.

Los Angeles Dui Lawyers – Consequences of Driving Under Influence Crime

Being convicted of DUI in Los Angeles has the following grave legal consequences:

  • Up to six months in jail
  • DUI schools
  • Suspension of driving privileges for minimum of 6 months and a year at maximum
  • Not less than fifty hours of community services
  • Vehicle impoundment
  • Victim awareness program
  • Permanent DUI convictions on your records for life leading to a criminal record
  • And more!

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Our clients come from all walks of life, right from an average working individual to lawyers and doctors. And the one thing which is common between all of them is that they trust us with the most important matters in their lives.

If you are a student or the guardian or parent of a student who is charged with a DUI, then please contact us right away. We are readily available to help accused people irrespective of their age.

With years of our experience, we have dealt with lots of complex, high-profile cases and acquired great trial experience. It is a noteworthy asset if your case proceeds to the trial.

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    If you’ve been charged with DUI, you should be aware of “Ten Day” Rule. The rule states that the driver has ten days from DUI arrest date in order to request a proper review hearing and to challenge Administrative Suspension of driver license. If the hearing is requested in the 10-days time period, a provisional license will definitely be issued. The license is good to be used until 7 days after hearing. If formal hearing isn’t requested within the 10 days period, your license will get suspended. This suspension will be applicable for six to eighteen months, based on your particular case. You’re allowed to drive your vehicle using citation as the driving permit during first ten days after your own DUI arrest.

    Fighting the DUI case requires extensive legal knowledge, special skills, and lots of experience in criminal justice and legal system. Our Dui Lawyers Los Angeles CA expertise comes mainly from having represented hundreds of clients who were charged with DUIs. Our skilled Dui Attorneys Los Angeles CA at our firm will evaluate your case to find out if you were charged unlawfully. Los Angeles Dui Attorneys will make use of every resource available to us to fight your case and to get the best outcome possible in your best interests; trying to avoid extensive suspension of the driving privileges and assisting you get your life to normal quickly. Watery eyes, slurred speech, flushed face, stumbling, alcohol odor, or sleepiness observed by police, do NOT legally show high alcohol contents in your blood. Usage of breath analyzers also is controversial and we can challenge its results.


    If you or somebody you care for has been charged recently with DUI, contact our experienced Dui Attorneys Los Angeles CA. We deal with cases in Los Angeles. Our Dui Attorneys Los Angeles can be reached 24*7, all round the year. No matter when you contact us, Los Angeles Dui Attorneys will have one of our lawyers to help you with your case.

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    We have the skills as trial lawyers. We have a strong rapport with detectives, police, and prosecutors. We also have years of experience with all kinds of DUI offenses.


    We have a thorough knowledge of federal and state laws along with wide DUI defense skills irrespective of DUI charges you face. We will use our skills to fight aggressively to safeguard your rights.


    We have been fighting aggressively for the legal rights of our clients for many years. We work aggressively to get the best possible outcomes irrespective of how complex the case is.


    All our lawyers have great trial skills. We know how to negotiate with the other prosecutors. We will fight hard to keep your record clean and tidy.

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