About Us

Our Law Firm is the premier DUI defense firm. The Firm focuses broadly on DUI defense. All our DUI attorneys believe that DUI is so complicated that a firm should focus on this field of law to offer clients with the knowledgeable defense and expertise that they deserve. We go through wide certifications and training to ensure that they are updated on all forward-looking evidentiary principles and defense strategies when they relate to the DUI defense. 

All our DUI attorneys at our Law Firm are highly trained in Standard Field Sobriety Testing, Drug Recognition Evaluation, Gas Chromatography, and are even trained in operation of Intoxilyzer 9000. Moreover, DUI defense is just our passion and thus we promise to offer all our clients with extraordinary customer services and the best legal defense possible as it relates with every individual case. Most of our clients either are referrals or return clients. This speaks great volume to our firm’s success and satisfaction of all our clients. 

Most of the criminal defense lawyers claim to "handle" the DUI cases; however you need a DUI defense lawyer, not only general criminal defense attorneys. Don't allow a DUI to ruin your whole life. We’ll fight for your legal rights passionately while respecting your time and privacy.